Our New Years Getaway to Perth

They say that the way you spend your New Years Eve is indicative of how the next 365 days of your life will unfold. I’m not one to put too much stock into such predictions, but I can’t say I’d be too upset if this one turned out to be true! Until recently, I had spent a large majority of my NYEs happily counting down to midnight from the comfort of my couch (read: head on pillow by 12:02). This year, however, I opted to ring in the New Year a little differently: not in my hometown of Kingston – pajama-clad with a glass of cider and bowl of munchies by my side – but exploring Perth, Ontario with my partner, Steve. What began as a simple desire for a change of scenery quickly turned into one of the best times we’ve had together outside of Kingston. This getaway was definitely one for the books!

If you haven’t been to Perth, then you are in for the most wonderful treat my friends! We were fortunate enough to stumble upon this gem by accident (how had I never been here before?) and now, it will be one of the first places we return to this summer. Only an hour’s drive from Kingston, Perth is everything you’d want in a quaint, little town. I couldn’t help but stop and marvel at the beautiful century-old stone buildings as we walked along Gore Street. Within these brick buildings, charming boutique and specialty shops – their storefront displays adorned with eclectic knickknacks – and a variety of restaurants offered both delicious eats and much-needed warmth on this crisp, wintry day.

Steve and I nipped into a packed Peter’s Restaurant for lunch and ordered two enormous, delicious burgers — just the right amount of sustenance to whet my appetite after the two or so hours I spent dragging him into my “girly” stores! If you’re anything like me, you’d love nothing more then to live inside the pages of an InStyle Home magazine. Perth’s vibrant shopping scene threw my imagination into overdrive and I began to daydream about these treasures in my own home. If home decor is what you’re after, be sure to check out shops like Hay Designs, Where Dragons Fly and Fall River Fashion for a smorgasbord of statement furnishings and trinkets!

How beautiful is this window display?!
afterlightimage (22)
Fall River Fashion has multiple storefronts to entice passers-by!
afterlightimage (23)
Welcome to Hay Designs…I’ll see you in a couple hours!
afterlightimage (26)
Every foodie’s dream come true!
afterlightimage (25)
Something for everyone: Steve in his element at Backbeat Books and Music

But our time in downtown Perth was only the beginning. What originally brought us to this little town was our impending stay at the Perth Manor Boutique Hotel. As is always the case, the photos I perused online before booking our room paled in comparison to the grandeur of this venue. Stepping into the carpeted lobby was like stepping into a romantic Victorian dream. I imagined a Jane Austen novel set in a place exactly like this. There was an elegant refinement in the air and I can only attribute this to the incredible attention to detail that owners Gordon and Linda Craig have lovingly shown every corner of this beautiful space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We unpacked our belongings in the John Haggart room and I curled up in our canopy bed, ready to indulge in an afternoon nap in preparation for the evening’s events. This year, I was making it past 12:02! Gordon and Linda had previously offered us the option to purchase tickets to a New Years Eve Gala – complete with a finely-curated six-course meal – later in the evening. We happily surrendered our credit card and spent the rest of our day indoors.

It wasn’t until we heard the distinct muted tinkling of piano keys coming from downstairs, did we leave our quarters. Our NYE festivities had begun! We took our seats, ordered a bottle of sparkling wine and toasted to, what was sure to be, an amazing evening. It took everything I had to be patient between courses. Luckily, I had wonderful company, a beautiful romantic setting and the promise of the next delicious nibble to keep me occupied! I managed to snap a pic of each dish before quickly tucking in, so please check out my upcoming post for photos and descriptions of our six-course dining experience!

AfterlightImage (33).JPG

afterlightimage (36)

afterlightimage (35)

With bellies and hearts full to the brim, we fell almost immediately into a food-induced coma soon after midnight. I guess you can’t control these things, no matter how hard you try! I’d be lying if I said we weren’t a little sad to leave the next day. Our NYE turned out to be better than either of us could have imagined. Since being home, I’ve looked into similar dining experiences for our anniversary this coming May (we’re hooked!). For now, I’m happy to share this experience with you all and answer any questions you may have about our time away! For those hoping to steal away for an intimate NYE celebration this year, I highly recommend Perth and a stay at the Perth Manor Boutique Hotel. We can’t wait to return!

Happy New Year all!


12 thoughts on “Our New Years Getaway to Perth

  1. Absolutely amazing! Congratulations on venturing into what is clearly your passion. Written so beautifully. You had me captured from the very fist line. Well done Katrina! Wishing you all the success during your new journey.


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